Sunday, August 12, 2012


only joking, its just beginning. thought it was time to ramble on a bit. cause, well i can. first on the list, basically in my mind. ive said goodbye to our friendship and quite frankily id like you to care, but im sure you won't. im okay with this going to dead. but i always do not want to lose him which has absolutely nothing to do with you anymore. you. are. worth. nothing.  thats how they talk in fifty shades of grey, which is a fantastic read just btw. though i struggle to complete the third book currently. anyway my other little thing i want to rant about. over my weekends, i dont go out and drinks at clubs anymore. i do stay home and watch movies a lot. i do go to bed a lot earlier than i use to. i do spend my weekends with my fiance. so i am consider 'living the life' in a sarcastic way, so my life is crap. WELL, as a matter of a fact i like my life, i like my weekends. i am happy. yes, sometimes i miss the partying going out and getting drunk and having wild nights, but then i realise that when i was doing that i was just trying to fill a hole in my life that i had lost because of a particular person. i was trying to go out there and get so drunk that i didnt have to think about it for a little while. but kane filled that hole quiet perfectly which is why i dont need that crap anymore. spending a night with him is a hell of a lot better than getting trashed with people that arent your friends in the daylight. thank you and have a good night/day. whatever floats your boat

sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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