Sunday, August 12, 2012

sydney internation spa and beauty expo

this is basically a copy from my other blog, beauty with every age but i wasnt gonna do it all again. and i wanted to post it here as well.

my feet hurt like hell, but that can only mean one thing.. well it could mean a lot but today it means i've spent hours at the beauty expo and bought way too much stuff. i am still just so excited with everything i've bought.

all dressed and ready to go

make up for the day. purple & yellow on lids and bright pink lips. love my blue eyes. defiantely my best feature on my face.

listening to some tunes on the way there.

walking a million miles around the city cause i kept getting lost. probably one of the many reasons why my legs hurt.

stunning eye make up, stands out beautifully.

another really colourful and stunning pieces. defiantly my favourite out of the lot.

lilac pastel look, so floral.

make up gallery in the Face2Face zone. some of the entries to the Beauty Editorial category.

the above three photos are from the nail comp, of a london inspired look for the london olympics this year.

so many colour to choose from.

minx nail folds designs to choose from

playboy bunny. ;)

got my nails painted with nails inc magnetic, oh my gosh. i've never seen something so amazing. they come up with such amazing stuff with nail polishs these days. i wonder whats going to be next.

the beautiful brides from the catwalk

bioline fashion

comfortel furniture designs. along with  the two photos below.

algologie display. stands out a mile away

true solutions stand, a whole bunch of different anti-aging options.

feel pretty special that my badge from this year says that im a qualified beauty therapist unlike the last two years when i've been a student.

wonka nerds my snack for the way home with my beautiful nails

darling habour has its pretty sites.

traveling home absolutely exhausted

cannot wait to try this stuff, tasted amazing when i had a little sample at the expo so i just had to buy some.

again, cant wait to do this tomorrow. so i can have baby feet after the whole thing. ill keep buying them after this im sure. ill keep you update on how that procedure goes.

different collagen masks. cant wait to try these babies, not that i need much collagen boosting at the moment.

nail polishs. opi and nails inc. so many new colours. so pretty

all the stuff that i bought. quite a happy camper. :)

all my nail polishs. the main ones are in the vase. quite clever i thought.

sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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