Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the second last lot ;)

doing the 20th to the 26th today, and then ill finish off the rest later.

february 20th

handwriting with the shopping list.

where you stood, on in my case sat all day.

february 21st

school. i actually had a fat face back in 2009, why did no one tell me?

full lunch box of salad. yumo.

february 22nd

screenshot with way too many apps. as you do.

he makes me smile. from a movie night.

february 23rd

warm blanket, gonna be coming out soon for winter.

word, lonsdale on my backpack

february 24th,

random fuck you at my fan for not being on or cooling me down.

lucky there was clouds in the sky hey.

february 25th

summer in hervey bay was pretty sweet

my bedside table. sorta tidy.

february 26th
the pillow that can be silver or black. so freaking awesome and its playboy.

im being quiet, so shh.

sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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