Wednesday, February 20, 2013

need to be more creative

and by that i mean, more creative with my photos for this photo challenge

february 16th

so this photo was upside down and blogger doesnt believe in upside down photos so it turned it the right way up. im not a fan blogger, not a fan.

perfect, my ring is perfect.
february 17th

my sister in black & white. i miss her face.

in my hand, anchor necklace. love.

february 18th

phone cases, i dont have a problem. i just like to support local businesses..

something i hate, chocolate desserts are just a no no for me. too rich.

february 19th,

this is the closest thing ive got to a collage, plus i have a similar one from my engagement party.

i am a qualified beauty therapist, even though i dont work in the industry anymore.

sincerely, saraaghelise

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