Wednesday, November 21, 2012

truth be told

we put too much pressure on deciding how our life is going to pan out... and we always have to decide this moment. it has to be done now. when we finish year 12, its like you should have a plan for the next 20 years.. heck, with life. you cant plan for tomorrow half the time. its good to have a plan but its also good to know that your plan will probably change somewhere along the way. for better or for worse.
truth is, i have no passion for anything at the moment. i've lost every inch of any passion i had.  i dont know how to plan my next step, and im not okay. im not okay at all. i can pretend that its only been the past month that its been like this. but it hasnt, its been longer. though not much longer, i know what killed my passion and i know what it was that took another stab at my lifeless passion yet again before it could be reborn.
i dont know how to plan anything. and i can just hope along and hope for something to look forward to in life, cause right fully i have nothing. and i wish i can come up with something before the 21st of January which is getting closer and closer and things aren't being solved as it gets closer. Infact it a way, its getting worse. I dont know what to say to fix it, and I dont really want to let anyone in.

damn if you do, damn if you dont.

sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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