Wednesday, September 26, 2012


to people who complain about twelvies, or the those that dont understand twelvies are "normally girls (sometimes boys) that are apparently living their life as someone older than how a 12 year old should be expected to live.. example. dressing up in skanky outfits to go late night shopping.. seems to be a common one. BUT the point of this is to have a rant about those making these posts.

its plain and simple bullshit, because half the time someone who is apparently a twelvie is not even 12, they are just younger than the person who is having a bitch. quite frankily i dont think anyone under 18 should be having sex and no way under 16. Smoking isnt cool whether your 12, 17, 20 or fucken 50. It destorys your body and its gross. dont flash your underwear on facebook at any age, swimmers yeah whatever. i know they may be similar, but underwear isnt meant to be shown to everyone, swimmers are. end of story. And most of the time, when your in your teens.. "your heart breaks and you cant keep living.." everyone does it eventually so ALL of you stop whining. People are married for 20 years and are quite heartbroken but they do move on. Its funny how people like these twelvies pages on facebook, then go and like naked selfies cause you must think its okay to be a slut when your older, just not when your twelve. fucken idiots. rant over!

sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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