Friday, November 04, 2011

30 day colour challenge

day 1 - something yellow (27.09.2011)
have had this shirt since my thirteenth birthday and i cant seem to throw it out. even though the flowers on the side are half falling off. my french manicure is cute too.
day 2 - something pink (28.09.2011)
i wore this for my run in the morning, without even thinking about the challenge. so that was a plus. i was already wearing it.

day 3 - something lilac (29.09.2011)
just one of those lil bra top things that supre sells.

day 4 - something black (30.09.2011)
what i wore to the fiddler that night, i bought this shirt for future music festival.

day 5 - something denim blue (04.10.2011)
i kinda missed a couple days cause i was away, so opps. just a denim blue singlet plus my tattoo :)

day 6 - something light purple (05.10.2011)
i didnt realise i had already done a purply colour but its a little different i guess.

day 7 - something grey (06.10.2011)
another shirt that i wear running, some physical college shirt. and my non existance muscles.

day 8 - something dark blue (07.10.2011)
my college uniform, its pretty darn shitty. yeah,

day 9 - something purple (08.10.2011)
i actually really dislike this bra, but i only wore it cause i needed to wear something purple apparently. i think i should throw it out now.

day 10 - something light green (10.10.2011)
just a green singlet, pretty average. dont know where i got it from but my nails are pretty :)

day 11 - somthing orange (11.10.2011)
my bright orange shirt that is awesome cause its bright orange.

day 12 - something white (12.10.2011)
a jacket i was wearing cause it was cold before my morning run. and my sick nails that match the white idea.

day 13 - something red (13.10.2011)
new undies, i love bright red and i love bonds. handy :)

day 14 - something light brown (14.10.2011)
this singlet is just like the green one, pretty basic nig!

day 15 - something peach (15.10.2011)
i have a photo i took last year in this shirt, and i really love it. i dont know why but i do.

day 16 - something dark green (17.10.2011)
this is my yr 12 jersey, from two years ago. kinda hard to believe that ive been out of school for nearly 2 years now.

day 17 - something army green (18.10.2011)
a shirt that i never wear cause well you can see my stomach, only really appropriate to wear to the beach or river.

day 18 - something rainbow (19.10.2011)
such a pretty and colourful shirt but something about this shirt makes me quite sad. :/

day 19 - something light blue (20.10.2011)
like my favourite shirt that i own, i wear it constantly. and i want more like it.

day 20 - something black leather (21.10.2011)
my leather jacket from jay jays, absolutely love it. except its coming up to summer, so wont be wearing it much anymore. :(

day 21 - something gold (22.10.2011)
i dont really have anything gold, but the buttons on the dress i wore out this night are gold. so they'll do.

day 22 - something floral (23.10.2011)
cute floral shirt that my mum use to steal off me all the time. but i steal all her clothes so its aiight.

day 23 - something light pink (24.10.2011)
a jacket i got on my 16th birthday so id stop wearing another one i had, dont know why ill still have it, dont like the people that bought it and its too small.

day 24 - something cream (25.10.2011)
a dress that i normally wear out clubbing, its quite cute. i've had it for like 2 years, but i still like it.

day 25 - something maroon (26.10.2011)
i only recently bought this, and this shirt suits me so much. because well im a beauty therapist and beauty is pain. ;)

day 26 - something dark grey (27.10.2011)
another shirt that ive had for a while, i like it just because.

day 27 - something bright blue (28.10.2011)
i wore this shirt to a shirt and tie party that i went to in year 12. twas an interesting party, i ended up jumping on the trampoline and jumping into the pool. it was so fucken freezing. bad idea.

day 28 - something lace (29.10.2011)
i love this cute lace shirt, i dont wear it often.. but i defiantely think i should bring it out more. its so cute.

day 29 - something brown (30.10.2011)
love this swimmer top, it use to be my mums. but its adorable, i just couldn't bare to throw it out.

and yeah then i gave up with colour, cant find anything else.

sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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