Saturday, October 08, 2011

day 10 - your week, in great detail

went from kane's brother matts to kane's sisters becs. watched tv at becs for most of the day. fun life. her kids are too cute tho.

chilled with the kids some more, drove home, had to go to the doctors.. well out of hours gp cause it was a public holiday. cause well, i was not feeling my best. found the chemist to be closed. f my life right then. but it got better over night.

chilled at home for the day, and got pizza for din dins. :) i love cheap tuesdays.

had a job trial at beauty at the towers, think it went well. they did seem happy and i got $70 for the day. still dont know whether i got it yet. but eh. and below is just a basic make up i wore for the trial

was at home again, and had a nice decent sleep in. washed my car despite the fact that i knew it was going to rain, i wanted it be clean. cause i hadnt cleaned in like a month. not normal, just btw.

college. ew. 8 hours of that lil shit place. and counting down the days till its over. and just stayed at home that night, and only amusement was that the power went out at 10:30 and well i couldnt sleep after that which doesnt make sense. since it was quieter and darker. and below is my make up for the day
had college this morning, but got to leave at 4. so that was a bonus. and now im waiting for dinner and then gonna get ready to go to rgs. yeaaah brah. it has been a while since ive been there, so time for me to go again.

sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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