Tuesday, September 27, 2011

day 1 - what are you short term goals for this month and why.

lets jst go for the month of october, because september is nearly over. short term goals would include:
get a better job then the current one, i had two shifts and i havent heard from them since. plus the place isn't very busy in the beauty section so it get pretty boring most of the time. and im expected to do hair stuff, im not a hair dresser. it aint right.
complete my business assignment, the business presentation is on the 9th of october and im not sure how long we have after that to complete it. but i want it done by the end of october, if not before. ive started on bits and pieces that i can get done now so that will help in the end.
have completed around 400 hours in clinic by the end of the month, according to my calculations i should be up to 402 by the 31st but i may have a day off occassionally. but hopefully there won't be any so it will be up to date.
go to forster for a holiday, bec and i were planning on going before luke & his fam get back from thailand so hopefully it will be a nice lil holiday.
have kane's credit card down to less than $2000. it is currently over and getting closer to the limit so i want it down to under 2 grand and then i want to change the limit to only 2 grand.

sincerely, saraaghelise ♥

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