Monday, October 11, 2010

day 23 - 15 facts about you.

1. i am eighteen and a half and i dont want to turn nighteen for another three years.
2. i am recently single and i hate it so much. i miss my ex like nothing on earth and i wish he would pick up the phone and call me or just turn up to my house one day.
3. i currently have three half sisters. my dad has two daughter felicity (5) and lyana (1). my mum has one daughter jessica (2) i also have two full brothers michael (20) and jeremy (15)
4. i do beauty therapy at tafe, im loving it even though its stressful. but i hate the bitchness that some of the girls have.
5. i have been to five schools in my 13 years of schooling. windsor park public (k to 1), bligh park public (2 to 6), richmond high (7 to 8), glenwood high (9 to 10), and pacific hills christian (11 to 12, my favourite out of them all) i graduated year 12 last year.
6. i live in the hawkesbury and have for all my life except between the end of 2005 and the middle of 2008. i am glad to be back here, the hawkesbury is more of a home then any of those places could be.
7. i am currently jobless, but i have had three jobs in my life. riverstone sport centre centre, red rooster and my last one duffy brothers. i was at each of these jobs for at least a year and a bit. i would still be at duffys if it didnt close
8. i dont like wearing pants and therefore i dont like winter. im so happy its spring but i wish it would warm up so i can be in undies/swimmers or really short shorts. HAHA.
9. i have my green Ps and have had them for about 4 months but i dont have a car so it sucks having to use mums all the time and all she does is complain.
10. i live in hobartville and i love the hobartville kids heapsss. didnt really like much of them at first but now i think they're all a super bunch of kids and we will be having regular friday nights at mine. HAHA. <3 dylan, jack, tim, kirsten, hayley, cody, lou, & danman.
11. i have a tattoo that says bloss cause its what my dad calls me. im such a daddys girl and i absolutely love him and my tattoo.
12. i have ten piercings, 8 are in my eyes and i also have my nose & belly done. again, i love them all.
13. i have heaps of photos on my wall from the past years and i loveee taking lots of photos.
14. i listen to old music like the eagles, jimmy barnes, abba and shania twain. just cause i love some of their old music
15. i kinda like the idea of doing tafe/school work but i have to be in the right state of mind to really concentrate on what im doing and i dont like it when its too hard and i cant find an answer.

sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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