Thursday, September 02, 2010

day 12 - a photograph of the town you live in

well to people who dont know the area, i live in richmond. here's the lovely park which is like smack bang in the middle. dont be around here at night on a weekend, well not if you dont want trouble... nah its not that bad.

but for the cool kids that know the area, well i live in hobartville. which is just off to the side of richmond, and no one out of the area knows about it. they think im making the place up and i actually live in tasmanian but i just dont want to say so cause they induldge in incest or some shit like that. which i cant actually find a picture of, well not a good one. DEVO! then well i have a love for pughs lagoon thats at the back of richmond just before you head into north richmond.

the usual hang out of hobartville is mikeys, which is the fish and chip shop. this is me being cool on toms bike at mikeys.

and then drinking at tamplin field which is just across from mikeys, where they normally play footy and all that jazz.

i like my hobartville, cause i can. and i dont wanna move for a while. :) so that in my shin dig, enough said about it.

sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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