Thursday, August 30, 2012

i want my license.

i remember how i got my Ls on my 16th. I wasnt waiting a minute. Then I wanted to go for Ps on my birthday but due to dramas and not exactly enough hours at the time, I went a month after. Still close enough for me. Having losing my reds for 3 months, I had to wait an extra three months for my greens, but I went as soon as I could as in the day I could go for them, I was in the rta. And again, June 18 I was back in the rta knowing full well I had my letter of suspension at home, hoping I could still get my blacks. Passed the test but nope, no full license. Had to sit out my three months. 8 weeks into the stupid fucken suspension business. AND I WANT TO FUCKEN KILL SOMEONE. Kane's mum cannot drive my car, she also decides to use it for her own uses. NO, NOT OKAY!! And shes fucken annoying as hell, I cannot wait till I can drive to work and get 10 minutes of peace and silence. and by peace and silence I mean blasting my subs, no one talking to me. it is now 45 days til i can get my license back. and i have a countdown on my phone. ugggghhhhh. going to be forever!!!

sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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