Tuesday, April 17, 2012

vent, ready go!!

so dont know if i've mentioned this but bits and pieces of my keyboard arent working with me anymore. so i havent been using my computer that much as it is just plain annoying to try and right something especially when your letters B, N and ? dont work. Plus to make it even worse, the space bar doesnt work either. Why? Cause it's a shit dick, thats my only explaination. Anywho I am wanting to vent a little and I shall do that but it will take me some time cause the damn keys I need don't work so I'm half using the on screen keyboard, i should just buy a plug it one for fun. Or maybe a new laptop? Please donate for me. Onto that, I quit my job cause my boss and manager are dicks basically. I have another one lined up but she is still waiting to hear from the bank, which is a little worrying. But i need to stress less, aight. Which brings me to another topic, kane's mum. I'm sure she means well but now that i'm at home more due to not working. I would much prefer she leave me alone but she doesnt, it's like something new happens every 5 minutes. CAN I JUST HAVE SOME PEACE PLEASE? (It smells in my room, think i need to open a window) I dont wanna know about spiders on kanes car, or the different fruit that is on sale. I DO NOT CARE! okay i think im done, plus im getting over using the on screen keyboard again. peace.

sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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