Tuesday, September 27, 2011

struggling to breathe (part 3)

Carly's swimming session was over, she dried her hair with her towel and packed up all her things into her bag. Grabbed her car keys and started to head out the front door. She smiled at the staff standing at the front desk, accidently bumping into this muscly man.
"Sorry, i didnt see you there." Carly said.
"No prob mate!" Roy replied without even looking at her and kept walking. He was off to put on a suit and pretend he was a professional business man that was providing for a family at home which though most assumed he had, it never existed. Carly was going to put on her Myer uniform and return to her manager of ladies wear position that was waiting for her when she recovered.
She arrived at work, noticing some of the staff and unable to recognise others and walked straight up to the back office to talk with the Manager about anything that had changed and to understand what she will be asked to do.
"Carly! I'm so glad to see you again. Good to see that you are better." Brian spoke up as she walked through his office door. Carly reached out her hand to meet his and shook it. "It is good to be back here, good to be working again."
"Well, we should just get you right back to it then. Mariah took your position whilst you were away but she will be here for the next week and then she's leaving on maturity leave. So it's been perfect timing really. She can take you through what has changed within ladies wear and make sure you're right to take over again. Is there anything else that may be of concern?"
"No, no. I think that sounds all good, any questions that come up I'm sure Mariah will know how to answer it." Carly just wanted to get out of there and see Mariah and the rest of her staff. She wasn't comfortable being in Brian's prescene and she never had. He had once made suggestions to her, in which she did not agree with but nothing had happened since then. This hadn't made being in his prescene any better. Brian winked at Carly and waved her out the door. 'Creepy!' Carly thought to herself and than put him at the back of her mind. That was the least of her worries, she needed to get herself back into her original working routine.
"Mariah! When did this all come about?" Pointing at Mariah's large baby bump.
"Oh Carly, where have you been? So much has happened since you left, obviously.." Mariah looking down at her stomach and then launching into hug Carly. "It's a shame that I'm back now and you'll be leaving."
"Don't worry, I'll be back to buy all my babies clothing and whatever it needs in no time. I'll visit you quite often."
"No doubt you will miss. Now what is the go with this place? Seems you've done some moving round since I've been gone."
Mariah went on to show Carly all the changes that had been made and quick enough Carly was into the same old routine of helping out customers find what suits them best. Carly found herself taking note of the size of all these woman whether large or small or the perfect weight and then once she realised what she was doing, she tried to push it out of her head but she couldn't. It just would not move out of her mind.
By the end of the day, she was exhausted. The last thing she wanted to do was go home and make dinner so she just collapsed on the lounge, but before the thought of not having dinner even crossed her mind. Her mum walked in and shouted
"What's for dinner tonight honey?" Carly moaned and got up to go look in the cupboard to find something to cook for her and her mum.

Roy arrived home after a typical tiring day and chucked in the microwave, the left overs from the night before. He open a can of coke, grab the food and turned on the tv to the news. Flicked it off pretty much straight away and stared down at the food which didn't look so attractive anymore. He thought through what had happened in his day, it was nothing other than the usual. The gym with people trying to talk to him and him giving them no chance. He wondered what if he had given Kevin a chance or that random girl he bumped into as he was leaving the gym, what would he have to tell them. This was silly, he knew he wouldn’t have to tell them his life story if any of them tried to start a conversation with him. He was just avoiding talking to people when he didn’t need to, he liked his life that he had by himself. And that as that. He stood up and threw the left overs in the bin, not eating a thing. Which he knew wouldn’t be good for his protein levels or his fitness but he did not care tonight. He was going to bed and waking up early for the gym again tomorrow morning. Like what he did everyday, nothing ever changed for Roy. Nothing was going to change for Roy, least that’s what he thought.
sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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