Tuesday, August 30, 2011

struggling to breathe (part 2)

i posted the first part of what i had written a long time ago, but i completely forgot that i did and contiune writing more on my computer when i got bored. normally when i dnt have internet for some reason, aha. this is the first part, read that... http://lifesnotboringhere.blogspot.com/2010/09/struggling-to-breathe.html and then contiune with this next part.. (ive written heaps more but thats enough for now)

...He was a man of rock, well that’s how he seemed to everyone around him and that’s how he wanted everyone to see him. He doesn’t want anyone to break down his barrier. That was the way it going to stay!
He used to be open, back when he was younger but that was changed when his mother walked out without a word for 6 months. He heard nothing from her for the whole time and neither did his father; she had disappeared with a note of goodbye. Just as he had accepted that she was gone, she appeared again, which only brought the young boy joy.
It wasn’t until, weeks later that his trust in her was destroyed and then therefore destroyed with everyone. He confined in his mother about something and she told his father who told someone else who told another person and so on.
He had to deal with the pain till he was old enough to run away. And when he was, that’s exactly what he did! Ran away from the broken trust and his past that he never wants to face!

Carly though a basic exercise she could do to maintain weight was swimming at the local pool. It was something simple to build up muscle tone and not to focus on losing weight. She had no idea what this decision would do to the rest of her life.
Her first day at the local pool was simple and she couldn't wait to get into the pool and start swimming. She was to spend 2 hours every morning at the pool, before going home to shower and head off to work. She slipped off her dress, tied back her hair and stood at the deep end of the pool, taking a deep breath she dived into the 50 metre pool.

Roy stood by the gym door, he was about to begin his morning gym session. He was what you called a gym junkie, he was here every morning and wouldn't miss it ever. He'd been at this gym for 2 years now and he became well known among the staff.
"Ready to pump some more iron Roy?" Kevin questioned him.
"What... Oh.. yeah, as always Kev!" Roy was in his own little world and didn't really feel like talking to anyone this morning then again, he was like that most mornings. Roy had noticed a small fragile looking girl dive into the pool and was wondering how she didn't break with that dive. He felt the need to go buy her a protein drink and make her push some weights but then he stopped, why did he even care about some random girl? He picked up his gym bag and turned around and walked into the gym and headed to weights, the usually routine.

sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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