Monday, March 07, 2011

day 1 - pride. seven great things about yourself.

1. im not fat, i have a good figure but i eat bad food like its going out of fashion.. so blessed :)
2. i have blue eyes, blue eyes are just better then everything..
3. im good at make up, so i dont turn up looking like ive drowned myself in eyeliner cause i damn well know how to apply it properly for it to look good
4. i have long lashes, and nicely shaped eyebrows. i love my eyes just in general.
5. im smart when it comes to the theroy side of beauty, ive gotten 100% & 95% on previous beauty exams. :)
6. i have more guy friends than girls.. and im proud of the fact that they're not my friends because they're trying to chase me and im some massive slut.. they're my friends cause they enjoy my company and i enjoy theirs.. and we can have fun together without making it awkward or sexual.
7. due to the fact that ive done dancing previously in my life, i can pick up a beat in a club and not look like a complete douchebag trying to dance like most people do.

this was kinda hard to come up with answers, goes to show that im not that proud..

sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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