Monday, January 31, 2011

30 day challenge in 1 day

cause im cool like this, im in the mood to do a whole 30 day challenge TODAY! and its perfect cause its the end of the month. so.. lets go!

day one: this month, in great detail

january. oh january. the first month of 2011. it started off at the river drinking our sweet worries away. then hayley & i went off elsewhere and well interesting evening. we went to rgs that night but it was absolutely dead. heading to manly beach on the 2nd. most of it was a good day. the 3rd was the day that i moved the rest of my stuff from my mums house to hayleys. the move out was complete. not much exciting stuff happen till the 6th, went to putt with shannon and brett. fiddler on the 7th, which i was deso driver for.. not as fun! rgs and then panthers on the 8th. the 9th was the day i started out going with kane kevin popham. :) another nothing interesting till the 12th when i saw a friend i hadnt seen in 5 years, good catching up with gemma. went to kanes for dinner on the 13th and meet the family properly. fiddler on the 14th, this time i was drinking and gemma was there too. hayleys birthday was on the 15th and we went to rgs that night. hayleys parents came back on the 18th and kelly, hayley & i had a fun time food shopping. kristy waxed my arms on the 19th and i went to an information evening for college. the 20th hayley got her tounge pierced and we had lovely ice cream afterwards. 21st we went to franks slide, defiantely fun. and watched movies at kellys sisters. 22nd, was rgs for jack & tim.. good night just like old times with my cousin cracking us up. orientation for college was on the 23rd, got the uniform which is okay! ahah. the 24th we went for lunch at the pioneer tav and alex visited me late that night. 26th was australia day which was spent everywhere: avoca, franks, kanes, and seats next to windsor river. 27th kane and i went to visit his half sister in newcastle and stayed the night. 29th first day of college was today, bit nerve racking at first but we made friends eventually. 30th had an afternoon river sesh and today, the 31st .. well i should clean the room soon and get off blogger. haha.

day two: a photo that makes you happy

day three: a photo of you taken over ten years ago

day four: plans for the next 365 days

well most importantly, i want to complete my dipolma in beauty therapy. than decide whether i want to move overseas to work or to another state or contiune to work where i am. and im hoping to get my own place too.

day five: a picture of what you wore today

day six: a silly picture of you and your friends

day seven: creat an outfit and paste it here

day eight: post up the links to all your sites - rarely use. - never use! - lameeee!
- pretty much just type in saraagh elise and you'll find me. ahaha. :)

day nine: create a collage of pictures you took in one day.

this is australia day ;)

day ten: a picture of your favourite place in the world, being somewhere you visit daily or fairly often

day eleven: a picture of you and the person you feel closet to.

day twelve: a picture of one thing you would buy if you had unlimted money

day thirteen: a picture of yourself where you think you look good

day fourteen: what would be the best thing could happen right  now? possible or unrealistic?

winning a whole lot of money to help myself out for a few different things, defiantely unrealistic.

day fifteen: favourite picture of the sunset you've taken

day sixteen: a picture you have up that you look at daily

day seventeen: favourite song at the moment

when they come for me - linkin park

day eighteen : your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush and what you like most about them – phyical & non-physical

kane kevin popham.
physical: his arms, and the tattoo on his arm. :)
non-physical: the way he is always concerned for me

day nineteen: pictures of you throughout school

day twenty: list all the places you've lived

age 0 - 4: faithful street, richmond
age: 4 - 7: paine place, bligh park
age 7 - 13: derwent place, bligh park
age: 13 - 14: hosia place, bligh park
age: 14 - 15: glenwood park drive, glenwood
age: 15 - 16: lycett ave, kellyville
age 16: hereford street, hobartville
age 16 - 17: dight street, each richmond
age 17 - 18: cornwell ave, hobartville
currently: londonderry. guess which street :P

day twentyone: your first kiss and your first hook up

first kiss was when i was 7 or 8 which harrisson.
first hook up was with adrian (the guy i like was his older brother, stupid... i know) when i was just 17.

day twentytwo: a goal

to complete my dipolma and work out where i want to go with in my career

day twentythree: a meaningful quote

a real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

day twentyfour: your favourite disney movie

lion king the original.

day twentyfive: your naughtiest outfit

day twentysix: tell me about your phone - type of phone you have, ringtone, message tone, phone bill, how many contacts, cell phone company, background on your phone.

nokia e71 white. :) my ringtone is currently teriyaki boys: original song from tokyo drift. message tone is off the movie evan almighty when he yells 'boo boo! boo boo! i got a boo boo!' everyone hates it, i love it. my phone bill is $49 a month and gives me $500.. usually i go a bit over but last month i only spent $350. i have 173 contacts. i'm with vodafone and the photo on my background:

day twentyseve: five things on your wishlist

1. car
2. own house
3. new shoes
4. new handbag
5. more pillows, lol.

day twentyeight: a picture of you kissing:

day twentynine: your room, show us pictures.

day thirty: things you're looking forward to in the next month

3rd: college kicking in.
6th: jamberoo
9th: birthday, i guess?
14th: valentines day with a boyfriend ;)
thats all i can think of at the moment.
sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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