Friday, November 05, 2010

day 5 - list 10 things you want to say to 10 different people currently.

1. i still love you and havent stopped at all. im doing stupid things now that im not with you and none it is making sense. but all i know that i want is you. i wish you would want me back. i knew i meant something to you, why do you have to run away from that? you are amazing and i wish i could still hold you.
2. i really wish you were staying tonight, i wish you didnt go yesterday and im kinda over you letting me down all the time. and im sorry but i really dont like her.
3. so not sure what you're hoping is going to happen, but you have to know im just having fun.
4. i lovee you and i want to make you happy but i know with everything i do im not. but im just trying to hide it from you.
5. i dont care about you and your stupid shit. i think your boyfriend deserves better than you and i hope that one day he does find better. cause he's better than you.
6. who is this girl? and stop being so smitten by her, its not right. she's jst playing you.
7. ugh im over your bullshit, i wish you would stop believing all these lies and stop forcing them onto other people. i dont know where you're going to end up and its kinda scaring me.
8. i miss you and the rest of your family. i want him back but i also want the family back too, i was making youse my second family. i was happy.
9. i dont know why its such a big deal for someone to help me out here, i do plan on paying every cent. why i wouldnt? i dont know. but i wish someone would just give me a chance to live my dream and i know you can help.
10. i honestly would find life better if you just didnt talk to me, its not like you cook me dinner or anything. so maybe just dont talk to me.

sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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