Wednesday, September 01, 2010

day 11 - what's in your makeup bag?

in my make up bag, i carry along with me has: covergirl clean foundation, sponge for the foundatioin, bys black eyeliner with glade wrap around the top cause the lid broke and it goes everywhere gr, eye pencil sharpener. a nail file, tweezers, nail scissors and a cuticle pusher which i dont really use any of them except maybe the file and cuticle pusher a little bit. browny peach colour blush and a blush brush. lacura waterproof mascara, so lovely. then some brown eyeshadows and one silvery white shadow out of my bayonelle kit for tafe. a little lip brush which i use to blend eyeshadow (yeah makes sense) and then rapid clear spot gel cause im cool like that. as if im not set, ;)

im missing my lipgloss out of this, i just realised but it is also normally in there. does me the trick, though i rarely apply make up when im out, so i dont know what the point is of me taking it with me when i dont use it but ah well.

sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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