Monday, August 23, 2010

one day..

for those who are falling in love..

one day i'll meet you. ♥
one day you'll be mine. ♥
one day i'll sneak you into my house.
one day i'll stay at your house
one day we'll lie in the park and just talk. ♥
one day i'll kiss you. ♥
one day we'll go watch movies together. ♥
one day i'll go to the beach with you.
one day i'll tell you i love you. ♥
one day ill fall asleep in your arms. ♥
one day you'll tell me you love me. ♥
one day you'll stay at my house.
one day we'll go camping together.
one day i'll introduce you to my best friends. ♥
one day i'll dedicate a song for you.
one day i'll intoduce you to my family. ♥
one day i'll hold your hand. ♥
one day i'll go to city with you.
one day i'll tell you all my past.
one day we'll sit in the car and just talk ♥
one day i'll go against my mothers word to see you. ♥
one day i'll let you take me where ever.
one day i'll meet your family. ♥
one day we'll sit on the ferris wheel together ♥
one day i'll get lost with you.
one day we'll take pictures together. ♥
one day you'll sneak me into your house. ♥
one day i'll kiss you under fireworks. ♥
one day we'll watch the sunset.

few more days left, ;)
i love you, jaa. ♥

sincerely, saraagh elise ♥

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